Prayers and Reflections

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Holidays & Liturgical Seasons
  1. Advent Week 1: “Advent: What are you waiting for?” A charism moment. View/download
  2. Advent Week 2: “In Shadow as Well as Light.” By Catholic Relief Services. View/download
  3. Advent Week 3: “Let us remember we join others in our country, who like Christians, are in prayer…” View/download
  4. Advent Week 4, A Charism Moment: View/download
  5. Easter Prayer: “The great gift of Easter is hope…” View/download
  6. Epiphany, For Those Who Have Far to Travel: By Jan L. Richardson. View/download
  7. Explanation of the liturgical year. View/download
Mission & Values
  1. Contemplation in Action: Excerpts from the SNJM Constitutions and prayer: By Hermance Baril, SNJM. View/download
  2. A Prayer for our SNJM Mission, Charism, Values: A group prayer of thanksgiving for SNJM values. View/download
  3. Adventure with the Spirit: Prayer for the 34th General Chapter, 2016. “Give us a daring spirit. Fill us with hope.” View/download
  4. The Call to Hospitality: Prayer based on Matthew 25-36, 40: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…” View/download
  5. Stewardship: The call to be stewards of education, faith, justice and leadership. View/download
  6. We lift up our hearts to you in gratitude, O God: View/download
  7. Education in the Faith: Reflection and prayer with user’s guide. View/download
  8. Full Development of the Human Person: Prayer, readings, reflection/sharing. With user’s guide. View/download
  9. Hospitality: Reflection/sharing, reading, listening/singing, prayer. With user’s guide. View/download
  10. Immigration/Spirituality of Welcoming: Open Wide Our Doors. By Claire Durocher, SNJM. A prayer based on the 34th General Chapter Acts.View/download
  11. Jesus: Prayer, discussion, further steps. With user’s guide. View/download
Blessed Marie Rose
  1. A Life in Pictures: Icon, vignettes, text exploring the life of Blessed Marie Rose from childhood on. Icon by Joan Brand-Landkamer; images courtesy of St. James Cathedral, Seattle, WA. View/download
    To download a version that can be printed out on both sides of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, then folded and stapled, click here.
  2. Blessed Marie Rose reflection and discussion. View/download.
  3. Enkindle the Fire of Your Love: Prayer, discussion about the passage from the Gospel of Luke, which was a favorite of Blessed Marie Rose. View/download
  4. Eulalie Poem and Artwork: By Bernadette Carlson, SNJM.“I loved you first hearing how you rode your horse and remembering my summer pony…” View/download
  5. Eulalie Prayer: By Jeannine Larocque, SNJM Associate. “Eulalie: The quality of your visit to the poor and the sick draws me to prayer. You teach me so about welcoming others and being other-centered…” View/download
  6. Ever Alive, Marie Rose: By Simone Perras, SNJM. “What remains of you is more than a body worn out by service, more than bones polished by hears of wear and tear…” View/download
  7. I Came to Bring Fire to the Earth: Reflection questions on Luke 12:49, “I have come to cast fire…” View/download
  8. In the Spirit of Marie Rose Durocher Yesterday and Today: Quotes and reflection questions about seeing Marie Rose’’s spirituality alive today. View/download
  9. Mary Prayer: Reflection and leader’s guide. “As Sisters… we have a great love for the person and name of Mary. We invite you to reflect and pray with us around the holy name of Mary.” View/download
  10. My Mother’s Passion (for Eulalie): By Joan Christine Von Bank, SNJM. “Be careful of my mother. She looks in that photo, kind of static, as though love were et cetera. But my mother has a passion…” View/download
  11. Spark of God, Spirit of Life: Group prayer using multiple readings invoking images of fire, light and love. View/download
  12. The Power of a Dream Unfolding: Brief prayer and reflection questions focusing on God’s dream planted in the heart of Mother Marie Rose. View/download
  13. They are Here Among Us (Reflections in the Foundation House): By Marian Ruth Christensen, SNJM. Dedicated to Mother Marie Rose, Mother Madeline, Mother Agnes, Mother Veronica of the Crucifix and Mother Teresa of Jesus. View/download
Justice & Corporate Stands
Most prayers include reflection/discussion questions, suggestions for further steps and a user’s guide.

  1. Contemplation in Action: View/download
  2. Dedication to Children: View/download
  3. Dedication to Justice: View/download
  4. Dedication to Women: View/download
  5. Commitment to Liberating Action: View/download
  6. Service to People who are Poor or Marginalized: View/download
  7. The Crime against Humanity (Corporate stand on human trafficking): View/download
  8. Immigration/Spirituality of Welcoming: Open Wide Our Doors. By Claire Durocher, SNJM. A prayer based on the 34th General Chapter Acts.View/download
Prayers for Meetings
  1. As We Gather Together: “In the name of our God who shares divinity with us. In the name of our God who shares humanity with us. In the name of our God who unsettles and inspires us, let us give praise and thanks, amen…” View/download
  2. A Request for Wisdom: Prayer based on Wisdom 7:22-30. “Holy Father, allow me to be still, allow me to be silent, allow me to listen, allow sweet Wisdom to knock upon my door…” View/download
  3. To Begin our Meeting: Offering thanks our Creator “for this opportunity to be here, working together to enrich our common goal…” View/download


  1. Commissioning Ceremony: Reading from Sirach 6:32-37. “May we discover wisdom…” View/download
  2. Blessings for a Commissioning Service: Based on key values of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. View/download
  3. Commissioning Prayer: Reflection/prayer on carrying on the SNJM legacy. View/download
  4. Commitment Prayer: Sending us forth in a blaze of commitment. Refrain: Become God’s Fire. View/download