Senior Jubilarians

Our Senior Jubilarians celebrate milestones as Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary for 80, 75, 70 and 60 years from First Profession.

2019 Senior Jubilarians

80 Years

Frances Harold, SNJM (RIP)
(Mary Karen)
Prayer & Presence




75 Years

Pat Basel, SNJM (RIP)
(Michael Francis)
Prayer & Presence




Helen Gates, SNJM (RIP)
(Clarita Mary)
Prayer & Presence




 Helena Gleeson, SNJM (RIP)

(Mary Christopher)
Prayer & Presence




Rosemarie Kasper, SNJM
(Mary Agneda)
Archivist Emeritus




Thérèse Ottman, SNJM
(Mary Gertudis)
Prayer & Presence




Kathleen Walsh, SNJM
(Ignatius of Mary)
Prayer & Presence





70 Years

Betty Bentler, SNJM (RIP)
(Marion Benedict)
Prayer & Presence




Patricia Larson, SNJM (RIP)
(Campion Mary)
Prayer & Presence





Joan Frances Ortega, SNJM (RIP)
(Joan Frances)
Prayer & Presence





Mary Richard, SNJM (RIP)
(Marian Arthur)
Prayer & Presence



Giovannina Saleeby, SNJM
Prayer & Presence




Ellen Ward, SNJM (RIP)
(Cletus Mary)




Anna Weisner, SNJM
(Cecile Rose)
Prayer & Presence




60 Years

Elizabeth Adams, SNJM
(Clare Margaret)
Musician: Plan and Play for Liturgical Celebrations in several Parishes




Dolores Barling, SNJM
(Mary Dolores)
Presence and volunteer services at Merrill Gardens




Sharon Collver, SNJM (RIP)
(Mary Raphaelann)
Parish Ministry- Bible Class and Adult Faith Formation; Prison Ministry




Eileen Dunn, SNJM
(James Denis)
Parish Ministry-Director of Faith Formation, St. Gabriel Parish, Washington DC



Maria Faina, SNJM
(Emma Therese)
AHN High School Albany—Trustee; Notecard Creator



Mary Ann Farley, SNJM
(Angela Therese)
Retreats, Spiritual Direction; Volunteer Visitor and Spiritual Support at Maybelle Center for Community



Sharon Francis, SNJM
(Judith Marie)
Presence at Merrill Gardens




Mary Glavin, SNJM
(Maureen Elise)
AHN High School Tampa-Personal Counselor and Theology Teacher




Sylvia Grey, SNJM
(Mark Anthony)
Helps persons in need, especially with transportation




Nadine Grogan, SNJM
(Joanne Therese)
Prayer and Presence-Hospitality




Mary Anne Jungblut, SNJM
(Geraldine Mary)
Co-director Lay Consecrated; Heritage Center; Janus Green House




Frances Kendrick, SNJM
(Kenneth Mary)
Social Justice Advocate




Peggy Kinzie, SNJM
(Maureen Assumpta)
Volunteer in transitional kindergarten at St. Mary school in Los Gatos; member of Pastoral Team at Villas at Saratoga



Elaine Kraft, SNJM
(Marian Bernice)




Barbara Land, SNJM
(Joseph Benedict)
Prayer and Presence at Mary’s Woods




Cathy Leamy, SNJM
(James of the Eucharist)
Immigrant and Refugee Programs-Detainee Jail Visitation




Margaret Lynch, SNJM
(Marguerite Elizabeth)
Spiritual Direction at Merrill Gardens and in local area




Dianne Nixon, SNJM
(Brian Anthony)
Holy Names High School, Oakland: assistant librarian and coordinator Women in Medicine program



Rosalie Orr, SNJM (RIP)
(Mary Andrea)
Retired in 2019 from Prison Ministry




Marianne Therese Wilkinson, SNJM
(Marianne Therese)
SNJM Development; Transitions; Family Promise of Spokane; Jesuit Volunteer Encore