Care for the Earth: Gardening as a Community

For the past 32 years, Sister Kay Burton has ministered in Jonestown, MS. A part of her message has been the importance of helping others, both through her own involvement and by training volunteers.

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots

In this time of institutional racism, global pandemic, economic fragility, climate change, and families struggling, I ask others to pray with me about the knots in my life that that are causing many of us to ask questions about power, privilege, and respect.

A Prayerful Approach to Today’s News

Consuming news can be like eating your least favorite vegetable. It might be something you need, but it’s probably something you’d rather push aside. Sister Elizabeth Liebert has another idea – letting the news into your prayer life.

Praying with Nature

At a time of global fear and crisis, the practice of spending intentional time in the holiness of the natural world is a powerful way to connect with God.

Look What God Can Do

In 2017 I traveled to Lesotho bringing 60 water filters and a desire to provide clean water for 60 women with children. Each of the women would pledge to filter water for …