Mary Margaret Mulgrew, SNJM

Mary Margaret, the third child of Anita and Bill Mulgrew, grew up in St. Augustine Parish, Oakland. Her siblings, Kathy, who has gone to God, Betty, and Bill tell us that their family especially love each other, golf, and the Russian River! Mary Margaret met the Sisters of the Holy Names at St. Augustine and was very influenced by her seventh grade teacher Sister Mary Assumpta. After graduation from Holy Names High School, she entered the Congregation in 1962.

Her teaching began in elementary school and spanned five years. She began secondary teaching in 1968 and continued until 1990. For the first 17 years, she taught Spanish and Religion to hundreds of St. Monica students in Santa Monica. She also served as moderator for class cheer team as well as Director of Student Activities. During her last six years at St. Monica, she served as Alumni Director. Her ability to connect people and get them excited about happenings at St. Monica made her a natural in this position.

Upon her departure from St. Monica, Sr. Mary Margaret was inducted into the St. Monica Hall of Fame. It is easy to see why she was nominated for this honor. Twenty five years later, it is even more impressive that the programs, which began under her guidance, still remain strong at St. Monica’s!

In 1990, Mary Margaret joined Sisters Mary Ondreyco and Inez Sherwood to begin ministry with the Hispanic Community in Watsonville, California.

In 2002, Mary Margaret moved to Los Gatos where she provided support services to our elder Sisters and taught English to some of the employees.

In 2013, after serious health challenges, she moved with 18 SNJMs, to Our Lady of Fatima Villa in Saratoga, where she considers herself to be doing quite well, and loves the many visitors who come by!