June 25, 2024

We are spotlighting ministries and initiatives dedicated to social justice outreach. Below we highlight the profound impact of Angela Rose House and Oak House, an embodiment of the SNJM commitment to providing shelter and support for refugees in need, sponsored by the U.S.-Ontario Province since 2008. Alongside this remarkable ministry, we share insights into five impactful programs that have recently received SNJM Ministry Grant funding. Our Ministry Grants extend financial support to organizations across Canada, the U.S. and beyond. Each grant is a testament to the dedication of Sisters and Associates whose passions align with the Charism, Chapter Acts and Corporate Stands of the SNJM community.


Angela Rose House and Oak House: Windsor, Ontario

Residents of Angela Rose House enjoy a Christmas meal.

In Canada lies a beacon of hope and refuge in the form of Angela Rose House and Oak House. These sanctuaries in Windsor, Ontario, are not just shelters, but havens where over 320 refugees from 43 countries and five continents have found solace, support and new beginnings. Individuals fleeing war, injustice and persecution discover a community of compassion as they learn about Canada and navigate the governmental systems to become residents. “For us, it matters how much love and care we give them,” shared Ilda Demir, coordinator of the homes, on an episode of SNJM’s “Women on a Mission” podcast.


Family Promise of the Capital Region: Albany, NY

Sister Grace Diaz with two Family Promise of the Capital Region youth.

Family Promise of the Capital Region provides shelter for homeless families and those at risk of becoming homeless. The program supports those families as they work toward permanent housing and employment. Sister Grace Diaz says, “One thing I love about Family Promise is that it keeps the families together, unlike other programs that separate the dads from the mothers and children. Homeless families from the area can have their children continue in their same schools. They even find care for pets, so families can be reunited once they have ‘graduated’ to their own homes.”


St. Vincent de Paul, St. Matthew Conference: Seattle, WA

St. Matthew Conference “Lunches of Love” ready to be distributed to those without cooking facilities.

In the heart of Seattle, where dense housing is prevalent, the St. Matthew Conference of St. Vincent de Paul is a resource for those facing economic hardship. As apartment complexes that include low-income housing multiply, so do the requests for assistance from individuals grappling with the impact of job loss and an inflationary economy. The St. Matthew Conference offers person-to-person service to all in need, regardless of circumstances. As Sister Teresa Shields shares, “We give direct service, but we also give a listening ear.” The conference’s commitment to its mission ensures that the most vulnerable members of the community receive the support and compassion they deserve.


Vine Life Ministries – The Salt Mine Program: Lincoln, CA

SNJM Associate Stephanie Friedrich displays the fresh linens and clothing available at the Salt Mine’s shower facility.

With a multifaceted approach to outreach, The Salt Mine program offers a range of support to individuals and families facing hardship. Through their shower and laundry facilities, they not only meet basic hygiene needs, but also affirm the worth and dignity of the local homeless population by offering them a place of refuge. Salt Mine’s food pantry serves approximately 13,000 people per month. SNJM Associate Stephanie Friedrich says “By taking care of our marginalized in society, we get to treat human beings with dignity, honor and respect.” Aligned with the SNJM core values of dedication to justice, commitment to liberating action and hospitality, Salt Mine strives to be a catalyst for positive change in the community.


Shelters for Hope: Sonoyta, Mexico

The Shelters of Hope building provides a welcome sight for migrants and refugees.

In the desert of Mexico, where temperatures soar and hope often feels like a mirage, there exists a place of compassion, Shelters For Hope. Founded by individuals whose goal was simply to do their part in helping migrants and refugees, Shelters for Hope provides support to those at the U.S.-Mexico border. Sister Sharon Francis says, “Why do I support Shelters of Hope? Because their focus on people in need of asylum lifts my spirit… in a way that I feel I am contributing and extending our foundress’s and our community’s vision and charism.” Offering food, clothing, showers, basic medical care and a safe place to rest, Shelters for Hope is committed to upholding the inherent dignity of every individual.


Pastoral da Criança (Children’s Pastoral): Brazil

The Children’s Pastoral logo is familiar to many families across Brazil.

“Mother Marie-Rose believed that educating women could promote transformations in society. I also believe that working with mothers can bring life with more abundance for their children,” shares Sister Agnes Hoy. Children’s Pastoral in Southern Brazil extends this vision by walking alongside mothers and their children, right in the comfort of their homes. Dedicated volunteers who are part of the community make regular visits to families, offering guidance, encouragement and practical resources to foster healthier lifestyles. Central to their efforts are food baskets, provided to encourage families to participate in monthly family meetings, where they facilitate discussions, share resources and build a network of support.