School support for students without stable homes.

Trinity Catholic School in Spokane, WA, is in one of the state’s poorest neighborhoods. Students who live in poverty often experience trauma and emotional distress that disrupts their education. “Many of these students do not have a stable home life at all,” says Sister Irene Knopes, who secured a grant for Trinity to hire a part-time school counselor.

Trinity Catholic School Counselor Tony Schuh

Trinity Catholic School Counselor Tony Schuh.

As the new counselor began supporting students and their families, the impact was profound. “Having a counselor has made an astronomical difference in the social-emotional learning that we’re able to provide to the students,” said Principal Stacie Holcomb. This much-needed service is improving the educational experience for young people in Spokane.

Listen to an interview with Sister Irene Knopes and Trinity Principal Stacie Holcomb: