The joy of this places shines like a light.

Sister Linda Patrick at St. Andre Bessette Church in Portland, OR

Sister Linda Patrick assisting a guest of St. Andre Bessette’s community hospitality program in Portland, OR.

This past spring, Father Tom Gaughan, CSC related how six homicides occurred within walking distance of St. Andre Bessette Church in Portland, OR, just since Christmas Eve. “It’s saddening. In the midst of all that, the joy of this place shines like a light.”

Sister Linda Patrick is a long-time volunteer at the parish, helping to serve visitors who come seeking coffee, a meal, clothing and – most importantly – a welcome respite from the harsh streets. Father Tom shared that the SNJM Ministry Grant and the dedication of Sister Linda has helped the church “nurture community, restore hope and share God’s persistent love.”

Listen to an interview with Sister Linda Patrick and Father Tom Gaughan: