December 7, 2020


By Mary Annette Dworshak

In this time of institutional racism, global pandemic, economic fragility, climate change, and families struggling, I ask others to pray with me about the knots in my life that that are causing many of us to ask questions about power, privilege, and respect.

As someone who knits winter caps for the homeless and prayer shawls for those in need of comfort, I have untangled many knots of donated yarn (rose, lavender, golden, and royal blue). Yarn tangles and often insidious knots appear in complicated combinations. I do not want to cut the yarn but safeguard it to be useful for others.

As a U.S. citizen concerned about the common good for all, as an educator believing in the value of political structures safeguarding the rights of all, and as a woman of faith, I am deeply troubled by the polarization gripping the nation, the diminishment of conscience paralyzing many people, and the dismissal of the reality of the pandemic continuing to disrespect millions of people, caregivers, and families.

Dear Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, I pray to you and ask others to join with me in this time of crisis, collapse, and fragility, not only here in the United States, but throughout the world.

Safeguard each person who is stepping forward to engage in difficult conversations about racism and white privilege.

Welcome all at the table to dismantle the racist history taught in our institutions and develop a more inclusive national story of our past, widening the door open to the future.

Guide political leaders and their supporters to value the integrity of conscience in their responsibilities to care for the lives of all people, rather than division.

Prompt us to adapt our lifestyle choices to care for our common home.

Encourage those of faith to build bridges of care for the common good rather than constructing walls of separation.