April 2, 2020

At a time of global fear and crisis, the practice of spending intentional time in the holiness of the natural world is a powerful way to connect with God. Sister Elizabeth Liebert has adapted writings in the book Visio Divina: A Reader in Faith and Visual Arts by Mel Alhborn (published by LeaderResources, 2009) to provide a guide to prayer with a simple experience in the outdoors.

  • As you begin your prayer, express your desire to meet God in this time. Invite God to visit you through a small portion of the natural world.
  • Go outside. Walk slowly and attentively. When a small portion of creation captures your attention, stop there. If it is not possible to go outside, bring a small piece of creation (such as a leaf, a shell, a piece of fruit, a rock) to your prayer space.
  • Gently turn all your senses to this small piece of creation. Seek to meet it on its own terms, to understand it from within. Honor it.
  • Let this portion of creation into your heart on its own terms. Perhaps it speaks to you. Perhaps an image or feeling comes up for you. Sit with this offering with love, without analysis.
  • Continue being in relationship with the piece of creation that has chosen you. Let a prayer arise from the heart as you connect with it.
  • Rest in God in the presence of this small piece of creation. In silence. Without words. Listening. Waiting.
  • Gently come out of prayer. Reflect on how you can incorporate your experience into your daily life. Does this portion of creation invite you to some action?