The Arts: Medicine for the Soul

In Their own Words: The Arts, Medicine for the Soul

Music — and the other arts — can be instruments of transformation.  Sister Wanda Marie Jordan (above) and other Sisters of the Holy Names talk about the power of art to help and heal, sometimes in ways we might never expect. We invite you to prayer the prayer below before viewing the video. Reflection questions are below the prayer. Download the prayer/questions.

5 minutes 27 seconds

Prayer: The Arts, Medicine for the Soul

God, Creator of all things, We marvel at the beauty of this world, your precious gift to us. We see your hand

in the vibrant brush stroke of a rain drenched autumn,

in the timbre of swallows as they return in springtime,

in the shape that emerges from a lump of clay,

in the rhythm of the dancers’ pas de deux.

Art is the joyful celebration of the imagination that nurtures possibilities,

allowing us to dance through another door,

allowing us to dance toward a new understanding.

We create to dream of what can be,

to rejoice in freedom,

never to be restricted by limitations or perceived inadequacies.

So sound the gong and clash the cymbal.

Extol the glory of God in an explosion of pattern.

Dance in syncopated time with God’s will.

Join earth’s rhythm as we celebrate the goodness of our Creator.


Reflection questions

1. What art form brings you the most joy? Why?

2 .In what ways do you express your creative gifts?

3. When has art been the medicine for your soul?