Education in the Faith

In Their Own Words: Education in the Faith

Blessed Marie Rose said Holy Names Sisters should be educators in the faith. But what does that mean today? The words of Sister Celine Steinberger (above), other Sisters and lay persons in this video give a sense of the breadth of that aspect of the SNJM charism. We invite you to prayer the prayer below before viewing the video. Reflection questions follow the prayer. Download the prayer/questions.

6 minutes 30 seconds


Prayer: Education in the Faith

We are called to be people of the Church, heralds of the Word.

Rooted in the primacy of God’s love and grace,

We honor the names and persons of Jesus and Mary.

We obtain from them the truth of the living Gospel, to kindle love on earth.

May our God work through us,

Calling us to transformation, to reconciliation, to wholeness,

Inspiring us with the fire to act,

For we are people of witness and vision,

Prayer and peace, justice and truth.

As we celebrate our interconnectedness to the world,

We will work to liberate the oppressed and nourish the hungry,

And may our devotion to God inspire all who we serve.

As we journey together in a spirit of hope and faithful love,

May the Creator’s blessing of the future be with us!


Reflection questions and activities

  1. As a person involved with the SNJMs and their institutions, how do you perceive your responsibility to the Holy Names charism of educating in the faith?
  2. Sister Mary Glavin advises her students in working hard “not to be successful, but to be significant, not to be best in the world, but best for the world, to be interdependent and significant to God, racing to win but holding hands to get to the kingdom.” How can we teach this lesson in what can be a very competitive society?
  3. What does it mean to you “to live out your goodness?” How can this be done?
  4. Sister Celine says, “The Divine within me could do more than I could ever ask or imagine” and that “the God within me is what I was to give others.” How does this fit with your understanding of the SNJM charism?