Charism and the SNJM Constitutions


In Their Own Words: Charism and the SNJM Constitutions

Sister Kathleen Callaway (above) and other persons from the SNJM community talk about these aspects of the SNJM constitutions: the primacy of the love of God; experiencing life’s abundance — but not on the backs of others; full development of the human person; serving in the names of Jesus and Mary; education in the faith, and being “ever hopeful for the future.” We invite you to pray the prayer below before viewing the video. Reflection questions follow the prayer. Download the prayer/questions.

Prayer: Charism and the SNJM Constitutions

Blessed Marie Rose’s penetrating, far-reaching vision for the future; her precise perception of the signs of the times in seeing the need for education, especially for the poor; her unswerving belief in the mission of the Church and in the Congregation she was asked to found; these were her greatest gifts from God. These were the gifts she in turn used so fully and with such dynamism for the building up of the people of God in her time, in her part of the universal Church, in her corner of the world community.  Marian Christensen, SNJM

Blessed is she whose poverty freed her to risk much before insurmountable obstacles, for now she is proclaimed a Gospel Woman.

Blessed is she whose gentleness was empowered by vision, for she birthed a great community as inheritance.

Blessed is she who mourned the plight of the poor and the injustices of her society, for her followers rejoice in her spirit.

Blessed is she who hungered and thirsted for the liberation of women through education, for she believed in their potential to transform family life.

Blessed is she whose solidarity with the needy was merciful and kind, for mercy was her legacy.

Blessed is she whose sense of peace flowed from her universal love, for she inspired unity.

Blessed is she who suffered persecution for her reward is great in heaven.

Maureen Hussey, SNJM and Antoinette Janisse, SNJM

Creator God, Give us the strength and magnitude to follow in the footsteps of our Blessed Marie Rose. May we always live in her words: Since we tread along the same way, let us lend a hand to one another to help surmount the difficulties that present themselves.


1. Of the SNJM Constitutions, which segment below is most important to you and why?

  1. The primacy of God’s love as we educate in the faith
  2. The full development of the human person
  3. The commitment to those who are poor and marginalized

2. Sister Kathleen says we must be intentional in expressing our charism. In what ways is the charism overtly shared with you and with others?

3. List other opportunities when sharing the charism would be fruitful.