August 17, 2017

As Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary of the US Ontario Province, a community of over 430 Catholic women religious, we are committed to respect for every person and justice for all.  As Christian citizens we are outraged by what occurred in Charlottesville, VA last weekend and dismayed by the menacing comments, violence, physical attacks and senseless loss of life perpetrated by the racist rally.

We appreciate the leadership shown by the statements of the mayor and governor in response to the event.

We call on our president, and all leaders, to exert moral leadership by refraining from hateful and discriminatory speech and actions.

We join our prayers with those of other concerned citizens and members of many faiths in opposition to this violent action, so contrary to the values of our nation.  We urge all to work for the healing and reconciliation taught and lived by Jesus and so necessary for peace and justice in our country.