Prayer for World Day of Consecrated Life – February 2

We desire God.

We desire what God desires.

We desire God’s justice, tenderness and communion.

With gratitude for all that has been and with hearts open to all that is yet to be,

we pray for companions on our journey into a future unknown and full of promise.

May your call, O God, resound deeply in the hearts of women and men who seek to walk the Gospel way

and share in the mission of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

May they become signs and prophets of hope in a world that cries out for wholeness and holiness.

May they continue the legacy of Blessed Marie Rose through compassionate creative action and advocacy on behalf of all people

and the whole of creation.

May the desires of their hearts inspire them to proclaim

the primacy of your love through the ever-evolving witness of religious consecration, community affiliation, and ministry.

This we ask in the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.