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1. New Employees or Board Members

Resources developed for new employees or board members may be used in the classroom, for continuing or self-education, or by people who are curious about the mission of Holy Names ministries.


  1. What is the SNJM charism? Brochure. Explains charism, the distinct spirit that animates each Holy Names ministry and which the ministries hold in common. Read online or download.
  2. What Makes an SNJM school SNJM? 8-page booklet outlines the characteristics that shape each SNJM school and distinguish it from other schools. Useful information for non-school ministries, too. Printable on 11×17 sheets of paper. Download
    or read online.
  3. SNJM-sponsored ministries: invitation for partnership 8-page booklet that explains the mutual responsibilities of a Holy Names ministry’s executive leader, trustees/directors and the Sisters of the Holy Names. Read online or download and print on 11×17 paper and fold.
  4. Incorporated Province Ministries: Transforming, Informing Booklet, 8 half-size pages. Mutual responsibilities of a Holy Names ministry’s executive leader, trustees/directors, corporate Members and the Sisters of the Holy Names. View/download
  5. A Life in Pictures: Blessed Marie Rose Icon/vignettes by Joan Brand-Landkamer introduce the life of Blessed Marie Rose in the context of SNJM values and sense of mission. Possible discussion tool for servant leadership; images are in horizontal format for display on screens. View/download
  6. Blessed Marie Rose Introduction to the foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary and to her legacy. 4 pages (half-size), printable on one 8.5×11 sheet of paper. View/download
  7. Her Vision, Our Mission How the vision of Blessed Marie Rose continues to shape the mission of each SNJM Ministry. 4 pages (half-size) printable on one 8.5×11 sheet of paper. View/download
  8. Carrying the Vision into the Future 4 pages (half-size) printable on one 8.5×11 sheet of paper. View/download


  1. Interview Questions about Mission. View/download
  2. Misión de SNJM para el Personal y los Valores que Guian. [Staff guiding values in Spanish]. View/download
  3. Suggestions for using the SNJM Mission and Guiding Values documents during orientation. View/download
  4. Mission and Charism Formative Programs. View/download
  5. Servant Leadership Resource and User’s Guide. View/download
  6. SNJM Core Values card. View/download
2. Evaluations & Assessments

Editable forms for board self-assessments and evaluation of ministry executives

  1. Orientation of New Board Member(s): Suggested elements for use when designing your orientation process. View/download
  2. Typical Board evaluation form. View/download
  3. Typical executive director evaluation. View/download


3. Sample Policies

Sample Policies

  1. Confidentiality agreement. Intended for signing by each Board member. Includes notification processes, reminders about use of confidential materials in emails, etc. View/downloads
  2. Gift acceptance policy sample #1. Written for schools, but can be easily adapted to non-school ministries. View/download
  3. Gift acceptance policy sample #2. Written from a Catholic school perspective. View/download