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Prayer for Peace in Israel and Palestine


As faith rooted people, we give witness to our belief that peace among people of all faiths and communities is possible.

As faith rooted people, we believe that peace among Palestinians and Israelis is possible.

We affirm the process of truth and reconciliation to achieve this goal.

As faith rooted people, we lament the loss of innocent life, especially the children who are victim to political and religious violence. Every child is a member of the human family which we embrace.

We pray for the safety and freedom of all people who suffer the horrors of war, incarceration, loss of land and livelihood and physical violence.

No more rockets, guns or missiles shall be fired; no more tanks shall destroy land and homes.

No more loss of life shall occur. No more calls for revenge shall be uttered.

In this time of violence, we call for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

We also call for an end to Israel's military occupation of Palestine, which we view as the root cause of the violence.

As people of faith, we place our trust, not in military might, but in The Creator's desire for acts of loving kindness and the pursuit of restorative justice as the true pathway to peace and security for all people. May Israelis and Palestinians create wahat al salaam, neve shalom, an oasis of peace in the Middle East. And may peace spread upon the land.

From Rabbi Lynn, founder of Shomer Shalom Network for Jewish Nonviolence