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Prayers for Lent


Prayer for the Sixth Week of Lent - Holy Week

What the cross of Christ reveals is that when we are so paralyzed by fear and overcome by darkness that we can no longer help ourselves, when we have reached the stage where we can no longer open the door to let light and life in, God can still come through our locked doors, stand inside our fear and paralysis, and breathe out peace.

The love that is revealed in Jesus' suffering and death, a love that is so other-centered that it can fully forgive and embrace its executioners, can melt frozen hearts, penetrate the walls of fear, descend into our private hells and, there, breathe out peace.

There is a place inside us, a place we are rarely aware of, where each and every one of us is being touched and held unconditionally in love by God. Jesus' executioners acted in a darkness that came from never having had that experience.

By Ron Rolheiser, OMI