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Two Poems on Spirituality

Life Is a Process

Life is a learning in process,

that teaches about pain, and teaches about joy.

Life endures pain, knowing and remembering some day it will end.

Then new life arises, and catches the joy for new ways of loving in truth.

It moves with the Spirit in love.

Life is a light, that sparkles understanding, comes dimly in darkness, where wounds buried deeply are opened to healing...

and new ways of loving begin.

Then life finds meaning, and hope instills promise that harmony's forever.

Life with the Spirit always lived is true.

Nadine Grogan, SNJM (August 2003)

Enter in the Inn

Enter in the inn.

The sacredness of life is here.

We do not see it everywhere.

Enter in the quiet of life.

Bow down and enter in.

Enter in with reverence.

Be present to your God.

Nadine Grogan, SNJM (December 2003)