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Membership: Connecting Through Our Traditions

Gathering in Spokane

By Laura Michels, SNJM

Early in the fall of 2015 at Gonzaga University where I work, I encountered two students who recognized my SJNM pin. With much excitement they told me that they were graduates of Holy Names Academy in Seattle.

As we chatted, they shared their experience of the December 8th liturgy. Each month the student body would celebrate Mass in St. Joseph Church. They were quite impressed by the renewal of vows ritual. When I mentioned that our Sisters and Associate in the Spokane region also had a liturgy with the renewal of vows and promises, they expressed an eagerness to attend.  I assured them that they would be invited to this event and would provide transportation, if needed.

Kelen and Annie joined us for the liturgy and reception.  They met Sisters who also went to Holy Names Academy in Seattle. (See picture.)

Some weeks later I met with Kelen to ask her what made her and Annie want to come the December 8th event.  For her, “it was a taste of Holy Names here.” It was her first semester in college and she appreciated the connection at the Academy to her new connection to Spokane through this vow ritual.  She plans on bringing a larger group next year.

This experience was a good example of the importance of connectedness through carrying on our significant traditions.