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Nuestra Casa Embarks on Clean Water Project in Rural Washington

Nuestra Casa in Sunnyside, WA was recently awarded a contract to help rural families in Sunnyside receive clean water, as nitrate pollution in drinking water is unusually high in the area. Numerous homes in the affected area are occupied by immigrant families. Since Nuestra Casa exists to educate and serve immigrants, it was chosen to participate in testing wells and providing reverse osmosis filtering systems for families affected by the pollution. SNJM Associates Blanca Bazaldua and Esperanza Lemos are involved in this project. Read recent news coverage at: http://www.yakimaherald.com/news/lower_valley/crusade-for-clean-water-in-the-lower-valley/article_c895ec5a-812e-11e5-aaef-f7476b47b7cb.html