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Tutwiler Quilters Celebrate 25th Anniversary

The Tutwiler Quilt Program, a program of the Tutwiler Community Education Center (TCEC) celebrated its 25th Anniversary on November 4, 2013. Former Tutwiler Quilters were invited back and joined together with present quilters to share stories, renew friendships and have some tasty snacks.

Tutwiler QuiltersClick on image to view larger

Founded in 1988 as a way to preserve the quilting tradition of the area as well as a way for people to earn needed income, the Tutwiler Quilt Program has been a big success. Over the past 25 years we have had over 150 people be part of the Tutwiler quilt Program and hundreds of people all over the United States have Tutwiler quilted items in their homes.
Over the past 25 years we have sold :

    • over 2,500 quilts
    • over 3,000 tote bags, sets of mats and table runners
    • over 22,000 pot holders!
    • Hundreds of wall hangings and baby quilts
    • Many special orders of various kinds.

The quilt celebration started with Lucinda Berryhill, Administrative Assistant at TCEC, giving a warm welcome to all, telling them how good it was to see everybody. This was followed by Mary Ann Willis-Mackey, Quilt Co-ordinator, who talked about our 25 years of quilting. Then several Quilters shared what it meant to them to be part of the Tutwiler Quilters. We heard women say:

"It helped me put my children through school. It helped buy graduation pictures. "

"It helped me make payments on my car."

"Coming here on Fridays to turn in our quilted items, we would see each other and exchange ideas, we became like a family,"

"We had our items checked by Sr.. Joann and Mary Ann and sometimes we had to take things back and do them over because they were not quite right, but it made us better quilters. We learned from this."

Sister Maureen Delaney, SNJM, TCEC Director, then gave a few remarks telling the quilters how creative they are and when we are selling our quilted items at various places around the country people comment that "those Tutwiler Quilters are really artists! " High Praise and well deserved!
Sister Maureen, Mary Ann, Sr. Joann and Lucinda then gave each quilter a certificate congratulating them on being part of the Tutwiler Quilt Program along with a gift to remember the occasion. CONGRATULATIONS TUTWILER QUILTERS, A JOB WELL DONE.

Tutwiler Quilters, members of the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi will be selling their quilted items at the Chimneyville Craft Show in Jackson, MS. Dec. 6,7, and 8. Come by and see us!

More information about the Tutwiler Quilt Program , or if you would like to join the Tutwiler Quilt program contact Mary Ann Willis-Mackey, Sr. Maureen Delaney, Lucinda Berryhill, (662) 345-8393