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Sally Gunn, SNJM

SallyGunnSally grew up in Oakland, and first met the Holy Names sisters in third grade at Our Lady of Lourdes. She was one of THREE of our current jubilarians of the class of 1960 at Holy Names High School who entered the community in August after graduation. Sally went on to earn her BA in history from HNU and later an MA from Regis University in Denver in Adult Christian Community Development.

Sally taught in six schools in southern California over a period of more than twenty years. She was an active and well-loved junior high teacher, enjoying the work with Student Councils and activities as well as classroom teaching of students at this most challenging age! She ministered to the parents of her students as well and she has kept in touch with many of them.

Sally then begin fourteen years of ministry at Our Lady of Grace in Encino. She especially loved her work with the RCIA process, as well the other aspects of parish life that were part of her ministry there. The relationships she formed during these years were very special -- and — again, she has continued her relationships with many of her ministry partners and parishioners.

After her selection as the northern Regional Director for the California province in 2000, Sally was called to spend time with sisters and associates in the region in getting to know them in ministry and in their living situations; her presence was especially important to our sisters here in the Care Center. Since 2006, Sally has continued to serve with our sisters at Los Gatos and with the South Bay Mission Center.

As Sally's time in provincial leadership coincided with the planning for the merging of five provinces into the current U.S.-Ontario Province, Sally was a key member of the planning teams for the merger; she especially treasures the close relationships she formed with Sisters from the other former Provinces - including her special friends in her "pinochle cluster."