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Mary Pat LeRoy, SNJM

MaryPatLeRoyMary Pat entered the community in August 1960 after graduation from St. Monica's High School in Santa Monica. After beginning as an elementary school teacher in southern California in 1965, she was missioned to St Francis de Sales Cathedral School in Oakland from 1971-76. This vibrant, intercultural, socially diverse community of worship, service and education became a significant influence on her.

After a term on the Province leadership team, Mary Pat began years of facilitation and consultant services. In 1985, as a partner in Inter-Community Consultants she and her colleagues worked with a variety of religious congregations and other groups in North America and southern Africa, training others in facilitation and team leadership. Her time in southern Africa and Lesotho lasted from 1988 to 1996, experiencing both pre- and post-apartheid times and the amazing cultural diversity of the religious congregations. One of her special ministry experiences was co-mentoring the creation of Community Consulting Services of Southern Africa.

Then in 1996 she was called to Quebec from Africa to accept a call to Congregation leadership. The following ten years, living in Quebec and traveling throughout the Congregation, provided wonderful opportunities to walk with Sisters and Associates of our congregation from all over the world. Both of those long-term experiences, living as an expatriate for much of the time, were wonderful and challenging experiences.

After a restful sabbatical, Mary Pat anticipated a little slower pace, participating in some board and committee work, some facilitation and consultation. But in October 2009, she was asked to chair a committee whose task was to look at the future of the Province's Los Gatos property in light of the future retirement/care needs of the Sisters in the California area and was to include the Sisters through information, participation and consultation. Mary Pat prays for wisdom for all as the planning and implementation continues and is looking forward to the completion.